LED pet dog Collars for morning pet dog walking

Remy and I run or walk every morning at 6 a.m.

It starts to get light around 6:45 this time of year so we might as well be running in the middle of the night.

We all know it makes sense for our dogs to wear LED collars when out and about in the dark.

Believe me, l know what some of you have to deal with. I lived in Minnesota most my life. this time of year it’s dark when you go to work and before you head home!

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What I like about our LED pet dog collar from Petabunga:

1. motorists are distracted enough!

Anything to help me and my pet dog BE SEEN! and to be fair, motorists simply can’t always see runners in the dark. It’s up to runners to secure themselves.

2. helps other runners see us.

It’s pitch black in some areas. No street or house lights. There are normally other runners out early in the mornings too, and the LED collar lets those other runners and walkers (not the zombie kind) see us. same with bikers.

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3. helps other pet dog walkers to see us.

The LED collar makes it evident I have a dog.

People might not notice my pet dog otherwise, and that can be an issue for those walking reactive dogs. They need to see us so they can give their own dogs some space.

4. A backup to my own flashlight.

I carry a flashlight, but I only turn it on when I see a automobile or person coming, which indicates there’s a bit of fumbling around with the leash, flashlight, etc. With the LED collar, I just set it to ON when we head out and it’s good to choose the whole run.

The collars have an on/off switch + “flashing” mode. (And remember it charges with a USB cable, so no batteries to worry about – ever!)

5. extra protection for my dog.

Since my pet dog is shorter than me, motorists might not notice him even if they do see me. occasionally my pet dog will dart ahead of me or behind me or to the side. Yes, I keep him on a short leash but the LED collar is just extra protection so motorists spot him.

Off leash benefits:

Being able to see your pet dog off leash. I don’t let Remy off leash in the dark because he’s a puppy and we’re still working on coming when called. However, plenty of people exercise their dogs at the pet dog park or pet dog beach early in the morning or at night. An LED collar helps you keep track of your dog!

Being able to see your pet dog in your own yard! Heck, black dogs like my Ace can disappear even in a fenced yard at night! have a pet dog that doesn’t like to come back inside? With the LED collar, at least you can see where he is!

Do you have an LED pet dog collar? What do you like about yours?

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This LED collar is long lasting and BRIGHT. It’s a good value. Comes in green, blue, red and dark pink.

For a lot more information, read my review of Petabunga’s LED collars.

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Oh Junge! the time change is coming up for a lot of of us in the U.S. Can’t wait for it to be dark at 5 p.m.!

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