Column: Are you prepared to define ‘adoptable’?

It’s simple for a shelter to save every adoptable animal if it has extremely low requirements of what it considers “adoptable.”

In many areas, there is no legal meaning of “adoptable,” as well as shelters are essentially totally free to do as they please.

For example, the shelter may kill all pitbulls since it considers pitbulls to be “unadoptable.” It might kill all senior dogs or all black dogs or all puppies under 8 weeks old since it considers them “unadoptable.”

A unfortunate example is the City of Odessa, Texas.

The Odessa animal Control killed 5,442 impounded animals in the very first 10 months of 2013, according to the Odessa American newspaper. The City’s animal manage thought about just 353 of those animals adoptable, about 6 percent. Meaning, the staying 94 percent of the animals killed were “unadoptable.”

Obviously this is unacceptable, as well as heartbreaking. I hope Odessa can discover a method to make some major improvements.

But this is why we requirement to be skeptical of pounds as well as shelters if they state they are saving “every adoptable animal.” It’s why we requirement to request the numbers to back up such claims.

Last week I composed about the neighborhood of Fargo, N.D., as well as exactly how Fargo saved every adoptable, impounded pet in 2013, according to the Humane society Fargo-Moorhead.

Some blog writers were skeptical, as well as understandably so.

Saving “every adoptable animal” isn’t great enough. What matters is the portion of impounded animals that walked out the front door alive.

In Fargo’s case, the three regional pounds had a online release rate of 91 percent for dogs as well as cats combined in 2013, according to the stats compiled by the humane society. (1,810 impounded as well as 1,655 released alive.)

Sure, Fargo is far from perfect. I’m cautious not to phone call it a no-kill city since it’s still killing almost all impounded feral cats, for example. My heart goes out to those cats.

But you understand what? I’d state saving 91 percent of all impounded dogs as well as cats would be a success for any type of neighborhood no matter what your meaning of adoptable is.

And exactly how can you be sure about your own regional shelter or your own community’s claims?

Ask for the numbers.

How are your regional pounds as well as shelters doing?

These two cuties were pulled from a Fargo-area pound in 2012. They were fostered by me as well as embraced by good friends of mine.

Lindsay Stordahl is the blog writer behind as well as composes a column right here every Wednesday. She supports the motion to end the killing of impounded, adoptable animals in around the world shelters. If you have a topic tip for Lindsay, you can reach her at

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