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I love podcasts and listen to them nearly every single day, generally while driving back and forth between my pet dog walking and pet sitting clients.

My favorite podcats range from blogging recommendations on Pat Flynn’s smart Passive income Podcast & Darren Rowse’s pro blogger to the ins and outs of service on The Tim Ferriss show and entrepreneurial startup stories on Andrew Warner’s Mixergy.

Obviously, none of those podcasts deal with dogs, let alone raw feeding related topics, unless you’d want to count Tim Ferriss’ pet dog Molly making herself heard every now & then by barking during the recording sessions ?

So it’s kind of a rarity to come across a podcast that deals with my personal passion – raw feeding – and uses genuinely useful content for supporters of a a lot more species proper diet for dogs.

You can imagine how stoked I was when I DID find a podcast that actually ticks off those boxes!

Raw pet dog food podcast – The Raw pet dog Food Truth

The raw pet dog food podcast I found is called The Raw pet dog Food truth and is hosted by DeDe Murcer Moffett of Raw pet dog Food and Company, a raw pet dog food merchant based out of Colorado that delivers their food locally.

DeDe is a certified canine nutritionist with over 17 years of raw feeding experience under her belt. She co-hosts with Carmen Gaudreau, a 23 year veteran of the raw pet dog food diet.

Their show can be found on the podcast platform BlogTalkRadio.com, but isn’t available on iTunes or by means of the podcast app I use for all of my other shows. That’s a minor inconvenience because it indicates that I can’t add it to my regular podcast library on my app. I actually have to open the web site it’s hosted on and click “play” there. #Erste Welt Probleme

So instead of listening to their content in my car, I listen to it on my couch whenever I have some downtime. All episodes are between 20-45 minutes in length – best to listen to over a cup of coffee or glass of white wine while snuggling with the pups.

I’ve listened to several of the 27 episodes that are available as of the time I’m typing this, and they genuinely are chock full of nuggets of raw feeding wisdom. Ich liebe es! My favorite ones so far are episodes #1, 9, 12, 18, & 27.

View the current list of episodes here.

Raw feeding topics discussed on The Raw pet dog Food Truth:

Heath benefits of a raw pet dog food diet:

Transformation of kibble-fed dogs to raw-fed dogs – healthy coat, skin, nails, ears, teeth, less poop, boosted life span
Diabetes and arthritis are less common in bigger breeds on a raw diet because it’s not causing inflammation in their bodies
Digestive enzymes in raw food diet support a dog’s digestive system and make sure that the liver, pancreas, and kidneys don’t have to work overtime
Dogs who suffer from compromised immune systems due to cancer can still eat raw
Poop – different colors depending on type of protein fed
Savings of vet bills are well worth feeding (commercial) raw which is a lot more expensive than putting your own raw meals together

Raw feeding basics:

Which raw bones are best to feed
The difference between prey model and barf model raw feeding
Weight issues – why weighing the raw pet dog food is better than eyeballing a dog’s meals
Myths surrounding the raw food diet

More details on raw feeding:

All things green tripe – helps dogs with digestive issues and is great for picky eaters. The stinky food consists of all essential fatty acids and probiotics, and entices dogs to eat – unlike cats, they eat by their sense of smell (not taste)
Raw eggs are 100% digestible
Rotation of raw protein sources is important, especially for pregnant bitches
Switching it up in general is great besides taste – no deficiency in amino acids and essential fatty acids when feeding different cuts and kinds of raw meat
Raw fish is best for calcium – magnesium – phosphorus ratio
How calcium & magnesium work together – calcium makes muscles contract, magnesium makes them relax

Talking with your vet about a raw diet:

How to speak to your standard vet about the irrational concern of salmonella & e.coli poisoning in dogs & humans. This includes mentioning acidic pet dog stomachs, proper managing of raw meat and non-food related areas where salmonella can be picked up (standing bodies of water, areas around bird feeders, open fields where birds fly)
How to speak to your disapproving vet about the raw diet by arming yourself with questions before you go into their office, such as:

– “Isn’t diabetes in dogs on the rise?” (linked to carbs)– “Aren’t there too lots of starchy carbs in kibble?”– “Do you know what the advantages are of feeding a pet dog a balanced raw diet?”– “What about raw pet dog food don’t you like?”

Topics covered related to kibble-fed dogs:

While the podcast episodes cover generally raw feeding related questions, they also highlight a few common issues in kibble-fed dogs. DeDe &Carmen teilen einige interessante Meinungen, die sich auf Probleme mit trockenem Hundefutter beziehen, wie z. B.:

1. Kabbergefütterte Hunde, die unter trockener und verdickter Haut leiden, können am Tierarzt ein Enzymprofil erstellen, um herauszufinden, an welchem ​​Enzymmangel sie leiden.

2. Die hohe Inzidenz von Pankreatitis während der Sommermonate bei Kibble-gefütterten Hunden ist möglicherweise mit den nicht klimatisierten Lagerhäusern in Verbindung gebracht, die Kibble gelagert wird, was dazu führt, dass Fette in Kobble ranzig werden.

3. Um die Verdaulichkeit bei Hunden mit empfindlichen Mägen viel einfacher zu machen, dürfen Roh und Kibble nur beim Übergang von Kibble zu RAW gemischt werden (im Gegensatz zu täglichen Mahlzeiten mit zusammengemischten trockenen und rohen Lebensmitteln).

Es besteht eine gute Chance, dass die Wahrheit des Rohhundfutters eine oder mehrere Fragen mit rohen Fütterungen abdeckt, die Sie möglicherweise haben! Ich persönlich fand die Vorschläge, wie Sie mit Ihrem Standard -Tierarzt über Rohfütterungen sprechen können.

Haben Sie Fragen zur Rohfütterung?

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