[New Product] TickSee Tick removal kit

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Ticks aren’t just creepy. They pose a major health risk to both people and pets. These little bloodsuckers carry major diseases and their stealthy method to getting under your skin allows them to typically go unnoticed until the damage is done. What’s worse is that you can actually increase the danger of infection with improper tick removal. A common reaction to finding a tick on yourself or on your pet is to try to yank it out by pinching it with your fingers or using tweezers. This can actually cause the tick to vomit its own stomach contents back into the host, i.e. you or your pet. This is when infection with tick-borne diseases may occur. now there’s a fast, efficient and chemical-free way to easily slide ticks best out of your pet’s skin without squeezing or tweezing.

Dangers of improper tick removal

Tick prevention is, of course, the best way to be sure that your pet will not become infected with tick-borne diseases. even with some types of oral flea and tick preventatives, the insect should first bite your pet before the active ingredients will kill the pest. If you ought to find a tick embedded in your pet’s skin, your first reaction may be to try to squeeze, pinch or dig it out. This is very dangerous. Not only could you force the contents of the tick’s body into your pet’s tissues as discussed above, but the tick could also be broken into pieces, leaving remnants (including the biting head) stuck in your pet’s skin. These remnants themselves could harbor disease or cause skin rash and infection. The longer a tick is in the skin, the greater the risk of disease transmission. diseases carried by ticks include:


Lyme Disease

Rocky mountain found Fever


Southern tick-associated rash disease (STARI)

TickSee Tick removal kit helps you take out the tick

Emergency tick removal is easy and safe with the TickSee Tick removal Kit. inside the kit, you’ll find the ingeniously easy TickKey tick removal device. This durable, anodized aluminum tick removal tool is all you need to safely and completely remove ticks from animals or people without using chemicals or tweezers.

Simply place the widest part of the teardrop-shaped opening in the essential over the tick’s body and slide it back away from your pet’s skin. The tapered portion of the key’s opening will grasp the tick by the neck, easing it out of the skin using natural leverage.

Also included in the TickSee Tick removal kit is the versatile Grip-On Hands-Free LED Flashlight, developed to clip or grip onto hat brims, fingers, round handles or fabric to allow for hands-free tick removal. The very bright white 3-bulb LED trio shines a concentrated beam of light best where you need it to help rapidly and easily find the biting tick and ready the area for removal with the TickKey.

Together, the TickKey and Grip-On Hands-Free LED Flashlight are all you need for safe, effective tick removal anytime, anywhere. The TickKey can be attached to a essential ring or even to your pet’s collar, so it’s always available when you need it most. Both are lightweight, resilient and waterproof, making them terrific to take along when hiking or fishing.

The TickSee Tick removal kit is the safest way to rapidly and efficiently remove ticks and help decrease the chances of tick-borne disease transmission.

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