How to stop a dog From Digging in the lawn

A dog’s digging is one of those habits that’s truly difficult to break unless you can supervise your dog every time he’s in the yard.

In this post, I’ll go over exactly how I would stop a dog from digging in the lawn in addition to exactly how to train your dog to dig in one, specific area.

If you’re dealing with a dog that digs, it assists to ask yourself three questions:

1. Why is my dog digging?

Usually it’s out of boredom as well as the habit can be fixed by increasing exercise as well as interaction. other times, it’s a habit linked to a strong prey drive.

2. Is the digging truly a huge deal?

Can’t you just put up with some holes in your lawn as well as muddy paws?

Some people can. Some truly can’t.

3. would you be okay with providing your dog a specific location to dig?

Like his own sandbox?

If your dog were really trained to dig only in that one area, would you be okay with that?

Now I’ll go over both options: mentor the dog to dig in his own area as well as mentor the dog NOT to dig at all.

First, right here are some reasons why dogs dig:

Es macht Spaß! Wooo! It’s a natural method to release energy.
Instincts – Some dogs are bred for digging as well as have a prey drive!
It assists them great off on hot days by digging into the cooler dirt
A response to excitement! (See above, “It’s fun!”)
A method to offer with boredom, nothing else to do
Trying to bury bones or toys

How to teach a dog to dig in one area

This is as simple as putting together a sandbox for your dog as well as then motivating him to play as well as dig in that area.

The finest method to do this is to just engage with your dog in that area as well as reward him for playing/digging in the sand box while preventing him from digging in other areas up until he learns.

You can do things like:

Place his toys in the sandbox & play with him there
Hide treats as well as toys in the sand as well as play “Find it”
Teach him a command like “Where’s your box?” or just “Box”

How the heck do I make a sandbox?

Buy a plastic sandbox designed for youngsters as well as fill it with sand for your dog. These normally include a cover so you might keep cats as well as other animals out of it at night. Others just fill a cheap, plastic pool with sand.

Another choice is to develop a sandbox with lumber put in a square as well as fastened together. My parents developed me a sandbox such as this one when I was a kid. Es war fantastisch!

How to stop a dog from digging.

You may be thinking, there’s no method in hell I’m building my dog a sand box! Ich verstehe.

My technique for stopping a dog from digging goes like this:

Reduce flexibility as well as supervise.
Prevent unwanted habits by re-direction.
Reward great behavior.
Very slowly boost flexibility as the dog is successful.

(Weird, it’s the exact same as potty training … as well as mentor a dog quite much any type of concept.)

But very first things very first – make sure your dog is getting sufficient exercise as well as general obedience training!

If a dog is not getting adequate exercise as well as “work,” it’s not fair to expect the dog to stop any type of poor habits. See my post: 10 tasks for my dog.

Now that we have that out of the method …

1. reduce flexibility – utilize a long leash.

By reducing freedom, I mean supervising your dog at all times in the lawn temporarily. Leave him inside your home while you’re not house as well as put him on a long leash when you’re in the lawn together.

2. Re-direct his interest as well as praise.

With a long leash (20 feet+), you can “reel him in” as needed as well as re-direct his interest away from digging.

Calmly state “no” if he is about to dig, as well as then re-direct him to something appropriate like playing with a toy or lying in the grass. Reward him for great habits with treats as well as praise.

3. provide him other things to do as well as reward him.

I suggest treat-dispensing, puzzle toys or Kong-type toys, presuming your dog is not going to try to bury the toy! You can likewise hide treats around the lawn as well as play “find it.”

4. slowly boost flexibility as your dog is successful.

Do this in little steps. For example, after a few days of keeping your dog on the long leash, try dropping the leash however staying in the lawn with your dog.

Then, perhaps a week later, eliminate the leash totally however stay in the lawn with your dog (possibly bring extremely valued treats). Then, leave him outside alone however watch him from a window.

The key is not to increase flexibility as well quickly. Don’t leaveIhr Hund auf dem Rasen, wenn Sie erst ein paar Wochen lang mit einer besseren Überwachung erfolgreich sind.

Andere Methoden, um das Graben eines Hundes zu stoppen

Verwenden Sie einen E-Kragen.

Einige Menschen werden angeben, dass sie niemals auf Bestrafung zurückgreifen würden, wenn ein Hund graben. Das ist gut. Andere sind so frustriert über ihre Hunde, dass sie wirklich schnell in die Gewohnheiten stehen müssen.

Ein E-Kratzer mit einer Fernbedienung kann praktisch sein, da Sie Ihren Hund extrem klar korrigieren und ihn sofort für das Stoppen belohnen können. Es ermöglicht es Ihnen ebenfalls, in Ihrem Haus zu stehen und von einem Fenster aus zu beobachten. Die meisten Hunde sollten nur ein oder zwei Korrekturen erfordern, um nicht im Hof ​​zu graben.

Stecken Sie den Kot Ihres Hundes in das Loch!

Ich habe diese Technik nicht ausprobiert, aber sie kommt immer auf. Wenn Ihr Hund nicht nachgibt, füllen Sie seinen üblichen Grabenbereich mit seinem eigenen Kot und vertuschen ihn dann. Wenn Ihr Hund zum Graben geht, entdeckt er seinen Kot und lautet: “Yuck, ich möchte hier nicht graben!” Machen Sie diese ausreichenden Zeiten so gut wie er, ok, graben macht nicht so viel Spaß!

Ich hatte Experten -Fitness -Lehrer, die mir sagen, dass dies funktioniert. Hat es einer Art von Ihnen geholfen? Es ist nichts Falsches daran, es zu versuchen.

Ok, lass mich in den Kommentaren verstehen …

Welche Konzepte haben Sie, um einen Hund daran zu hindern, im Hof ​​zu graben?

Es gibt so viele Gründe, warum Hunde graben, und ich kann sie nicht alle in einer Veröffentlichung ansprechen (Prey Drive, versuchen zu entkommen, Knochen zu begraben usw.). Was hat dir geholfen?

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